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Jim also occasionally tweets on Twitter.  Follow him at @vialibrian

viaLibri also occasionally tweets. Follow viaLibri at @vialibri

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  1. Marco E. Visconti says:

    In a mounting and overcoming “fury of having books” (as stated in 18th century by Gaetano Volpi, abbot, bibliophile, publisher and much more again), theorically caring for some “main courses” on italian history, I soon realized, while years passed and passed and I started widening hunting terrains, aiming on unprevented preys, desiring (always), hunting (frequently), buying (seldom, alas), that an obscure illness grows and strucks me down. That one of the bibliophile is not a normal “addiction”. As soon as you have a book long lasting desired, you even turn into bed and take a night of intimate pleasure with your newly achieved “desire object”; but the more you possess, the more you achieve, the more you are willing to vote yourself to another impossible enterprise: a title you’ll never find, or you’ll never be able to insert into your librarian “harem”. Who cares. This is life, and thanks to vialibri.net, dear mr. Hinck, I can imagine, if not buying, the rare mix of paper, leather, ink smell of my “impossible” books, in the positive idea that getting them is a defy that will turn, till or then, to possible enterprise.

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