viaLibri-Enabled Bookseller Websites

In addition to providing the world’s most comprehensive online search engine for old, rare and out-of-print books, we also provide websites that let booksellers connect directly to the more than 25,000 individual bibliophiles from around the globe who search for books on viaLibri every month. Our websites are built on a WordPress platform that provides elegant design features, a simple but powerful content management system, and an unmatched collection of special features and utilities available as plugins from the large community of independent WordPress developers.

Items listed for sale on a vialibri-enabled website also become searchable on viaLibri, where the ‘Buy From’ links are marked as ‘Direct From Seller’ and take the customer directly to an item page on bookseller’s website. (ILAB affiliated booksellers can also have their books searched on multiple ILAB sites). A shopping cart can be provided if needed and credit card sales will be enabled without requiring a costly merchant account or payment gateway. (Ready soon).

Features Include:

    • “Direct From Seller” links from viaLibri to your website.
    • Libribot wants matching on all your books when they are added to your site.
    • Easy data and image uploads via Dropbox.  No FTP needed.
    • A dynamic, scrolling image showcase can be displayed on any page.
    • ‘Recent Arrivals’ lists can be created automatically or selected manually.
    • Photo zoom for showing image details.
    • Flexible category/keyword menus.
    • Book Fair and Event Calendar

Other built-in WordPress features include:

      • Simple but powerful content and site management system.
      • Easily created, unlimited pages with graphics and HTML styling.
      • Easy to customize menus and navigation links.
      • Integrated Blogging.
      • Search engine optimisation.
      • Responsive site design for smartphone and tablet use.
      • PLUS: Hundreds of added features available through WordPress plugins (examples include: Google Analytics, MailChimp, Constant Contact, Twitter, social networking, user forums, PDF catalogue display, embedded YouTube videos, event calendars, newsletters, share buttons, google maps, slideshows, etc.)/li>


        And if you already have a WordPress website or blog then you are already more than half-way there. Our WordPress viaLibri website plugin will probably work with your existing website. Once installed, it will easily convert your static WordPress website into a dynamic bookselling ecommerce storefront.


More powerful features are still under development. If you already have a WordPress website or blog we will be happy to help you install and use our WordPress plugin.  If you do not yet have a website we will be happy to build one for you.

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