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Two New Libraries Added To viaLibri’s Quick Query Library Search.

On Wednesday I added two more libraries to the viaLibri library search page: The German National Library (Deutsche Nationalbibliothek to be precise) and the Thomas J. Watson Library of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The first of these is, well, … Continue reading

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Something New, with a sneak peak in York

At this moment I am setting up at the York National Book Fair – but I will not be selling books. Instead, I am here to give a preview of something new I have been working on for most of … Continue reading

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Latest Developments in the Girolamini Scandal

Recent events in the wake of the Girolamini thefts have revealed that the Italian authorities who are  pursuing the matter appear to be clueless about the nature of the books that they are charged with recovering.   Many interesting details in this regard are … Continue reading

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Algorithmic book pricing and its implications

I was recently asked to offer comments on the issue of algorithmic book pricing for the newsletter of the Antiquarian Booksellers Association.  The issue where the comments appear has now just arrived in the mail.  Since the ABA newsletter reaches only a … Continue reading

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viaLibri profiled in Business Weekly, demonstrating that the future of paper is still secure.

Business Weekly (“The Voice of Europe’s Innovation Capital – The East of England”) has just published an article about viaLibri. It always feels a bit odd seeing yourself through the prism of other people’s interests and world view.  This was no … Continue reading

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The new USTC site.

Yesterday a helpful user brought to my attention the newly updated website for USTC (Universal Short Title Catalogue) which was just launched 4 days ago.  For those unfamiliar with the project, its mission is to compile a “collective  database” of all European printed books from … Continue reading

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Searching for books in the digital age.

Anyone who managed to struggle to the end of my recent post on  “Searching For Books In Days Of Yore” may recall my reckless promise to continue on that topic at a later date.  It was not an idle threat. So, ignoring … Continue reading

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Latest News in Girolamini Library Scandal

Those who have been following the Girolamini Library scandal may find interest in the press release received this morning and copied below, without comment:   Statement issued by the Munich auction house ZISSKA & SCHAUER dated 10 August 2013 addressed … Continue reading

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Searching For Books In Days Of Yore.

Back in April, when I launched this blog, I was pleased that my first post managed to elicit a nice comment. One particular point made by this commenter has been banging around in my head ever since.  On the suject of want lists, he wrote: … Continue reading

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